Cristen Dalessandro is a sociologist and postdoctoral fellow at the University of Utah.

Cristen’s research broadly focuses on sexual health and inequalities in young peoples’ intimate lives. Her research has been published in outlets such as Gender & Society; SexualitiesSociological Perspectives; Culture, Health & Sexuality; and other peer-reviewed journals. Her current book project, Intimate Inequalities: Millennials’ Romantic Relationships in Contemporary Times, explores how millennials navigate social and identity-based differences and inequalities that they encounter in their romantic and sexual relationships. Intimate Inequalities is forthcoming from Rutgers University Press, and will be available in the summer of 2021.

For inquiries about Cristen’s work or potential collaborations, feel free to reach out at: cdaless01[at] Please visit the menu above for more information on Cristen’s research and teaching experience.

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