Welcome! I am a sociologist studying inequalities, young adulthood, intimacy, and identity. I am a visiting assistant professor of sociology at Pacific University (Oregon). 

My research, which broadly focuses on identity, inequalities, and intimacy in young adulthood, has been published in outlets such as Gender & Society, SexualitiesSociological Perspectives, Culture, Health & Sexuality, and other peer-reviewed journals. My current project looks at the intimacy stories of young adults aged 22-32 and explores how young adults navigate social differences and identities in their intimate relationship experiences. I also currently teach courses on family, gender, qualitative methods, and public sociology.

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Feel free to explore this site and do not hesitate to contact me at: cdaless01@gmail.com if you are interested in my work or potential collaborations.

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Cristen’s previous research has been concerned with college students’ negotiations of religious identity, hooking up and infidelity in collegiate young adults’ relationships, and the role of young adults’  intimate relationship storytelling in perpetuating gender inequality. She also has new published work that explores women’s college students’ negotiation of gender identity, the role of technology in young adults’ intimacy narratives, and the use of digital technology to recruit research participants. In addition, she is involved in an ongoing project investigating college men’s understandings of contraceptive use and risk. Her research interests include inequalities, young adults and the life course, gender, family, race, social class, sexuality, health, identity negotiation, education, and qualitative research methods.

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Cristen has had over eight years of experience teaching in college classrooms. In 2017, she received the Graduate Part-Time Instructor of the Year Award from the Department of Sociology. Cristen also holds the Certificate in College Teaching from the University of Colorado and has received numerous awards for her teaching and teaching development, including the University of Colorado Boulder Betsy Moen Mathiot “Walk the Talk” Award and the SAGE Teaching Innovations and Professional Development Award. During the 2017-2018 academic year, she also served as the Lead Graduate Teacher for the Department of Sociology through the Graduate Teacher Program at the University of Colorado Boulder.